released November 6, 2020
Music by Á. Ontalva

Ángel Ontalva - guitar, mix, master
Víctor Rodríguez - keyboards
Amanda Pazos Cosse - bass


Vitaly Borodin - violin
Ark Fedotov - synths
Ivan Fedotov - drums

This track was released in 2019 on a gift CDr for buyers of the October Equus album "Presagios" in the Japanese market. The composition dates from the time immediately after "Saturnal", when most of the material that shaped "Presagios" was written.
For this recording, the nucleus of October Equus Ángel Ontalva on guitar, Víctor Rodríguez on keyboards and Amanda Pazos Cosse on bass, had the help of the members of the Russian space-prog group Vespero Vitaly Borodin on violin, Ark Fedotov on synthesizers and Ivan Fedotov on drums. Ángel is the author of the piece, and was also in charge of the mixing and mastering.